Monday, April 26, 2010

Still kickin'...

While looking for old videos of teenage Nederglam sensation "The Teens" I happened upon a video of them performing their 1978 "gimme gimme your love" as adults. This sparked an interest to dive a little deeper into the world of YouTube to find out what my other favs were up to these days. Let me just forewarn that some of this ain't pretty!

1. The Teens "Gimme gimme your love"

I've gotta say I'm pretty impressed by how good his voice still sounds but I was totally distracted by how awful that outfit is! I feel like every day I find a new reason to hate Bono and today's reason can be his influence over the fashion sense of what used to be one of the most adorable front men in rock'n'roll (see below).

2. Bonnie St. Claire "Clamp your hands, stamp your feet"

Bonnie, I love you, but did you really have to make this happen? I would have much rather remembered you as the sex kitten with the voice of an angelic siren that you were back in your prime. I kinda wish I could have heard what that voice sounds like now rather than just seeing you lip-sync to the original.

3. Suzi Quatro "She's in love with you"

Not QUITE as sharp sounding as she was in the 70's but Suzi still sounds pretty damn badass... and she looks pretty damn good in leather pants for being nearly 60 years old!

4. Mud "Tiger feet"

Lead singer Les Gray died in 2004 of a heart attack (while battling cancer) but I gotta say this video from '96 proves that he rocked hard even in his older years. RIP, Les. I'm sure you'd still be an amazing front man had you not fallen early.

5. The Rubettes "Juke box jive"

Not a lot has changed for these guys. Still lip-syncing, still wearing white flat caps and polyester suits. I was a little bit shocked to see that their energy levels in the newer video actually seem HIGHER than in the following video from 1975...


  1. I linked you mama, I thought you were up there already. Loving this blog. xox

  2. LOL Courtney you wouldn't believe the stupid shit of that nature that turns up on like "doom metal" blogs especially: "They should be robbed," "She should be punched in the stomach," "She's ruining the cult status of Pentagram" .. it just cracks me the fuck up instead of offending me. Yeah, I married him for alllllll that money, lol. That's why we live in a 2 bedroom in South Philly. It's like hmm, could you even fathom the idea that there are reasons other than money that contribute to why I want to be with this person? Like you said, retards! Love ya. xo

  3. ew hallie i hate that story! people have a really hard time not being haters. whatever, fuck 'em! you guys are happy and that's what's important!