Thursday, November 5, 2009

you drive me nervous...

Alice Cooper Pictures, Images and Photos
Alice Cooper Pictures, Images and Photos
alice cooper Pictures, Images and Photos

There's something so insanely refreshing about the parallels between Alice Cooper's signature style and what's "hot" in fashion right now. From the heavy eyeliner down to the leather pants, Alice exudes pretty much everything that is, was and ever will be rock'n'roll. To argue that this man is not only one of the most influential people in the heaviest of rocker worlds would be an absolute outrage... and to be quite honest his iconic style can't really be beat. It's dark, it's androgynous, it's perfect.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Plasmatic vs. Plastic

couldn't resist posting this amazing comparison.... and also can't help but like Posh a little bit better now.

i'm also obsessed with this ring i bought from a street vendor. it kinda looks like an alien vagina.Photobucket
that necklace i'm wearing was made for me by a friend... it includes a bullet shell that she placed a purple crystal in the tip of. it's become a staple.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

right here, right now.

Precious Metal is one of those bands I accidentally stumbled upon in high school. Often times when I'm digging through the dollar record bins I'll come across something that looks interesting and buy it if the price is right. It's usually pretty risky doing this because 85% of the time the records are horrible but the 15% of the time that they're gems make all the gambling totally worth it.

Obviously, the first thing I was drawn to about the album "Right here, right now" was the girl's over-the-top colorful (but still tough) outfits. Every time I put on this record I spend almost as much time looking at their clothes as I do listening to the 3 or 4 good tracks on it.

I never really cared to learn a whole lot more about Precious Metal because, honestly, I doubt the band ever went too far. I do know that I love their outfits on the cover of their freshman album though and I totally grab inspiration from it whenever I want that "good girl gone bad" feel.

There's really no such thing as over-accessorizing in rock'n'roll fashion.
(click on images for product details)
And if you're wondering what their music sounds like... think Go Go's meets Poison.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

(pattern) mix it up!

Alright, so I know pattern mixing can go really wrong really quickly but when done the right way it can be a really good way to spruce up old favorites. Since the summer 2009 floral frenzy has pretty much taken the world by storm, come fall we're gonna either be throwing the stuff out in heaps or looking for new ways to wear it. Why not try mixing it up by doing pattern-on-pattern looks. Mismatching can be done without looking like Screech from Saved by the Bell so long as you don't go too busy or too overboard.
(Dustin Diamond as "Screech" on Saved by the Bell)

While I think bands like the Bay City Rollers and Slade had an interesting style I would be hesitant to wear my patterns as boldly as they did. After all, no girl wants to look like a clown vomited confetti all over her.
(The Bay City Rollers)

(click image for product details!)


When it comes to rock'n'roll fashion, heavy metal band "Girlschool" is one my prime sources of inspiration. From their perfectly distressed denim to the perfectly tousled coifs Girlschool perfects perfection in every sense of the word.

While I find it a little... hmm... bizarre.. that it's so easy to find clothes that mimic the girl's style of the 70's and 80's I also find it fucking brilliant that I don't have to search high and low for the perfect vintage leather minis and ankle boots.

I've put together a couple of Girlschool inspired looks for your viewing pleasure! (click on images for product prices and details)

Monday, August 17, 2009

suzi... and other 4 letter words

Skin-tight leather, ridiculous amounts of gold chains, high waisted jeans, multiple statement rings.

This sounds like what's in for F/W '09, right? Well yes, but it's also been a uniform for Suzi Quatro since the early 70's. Known mostly for her part on Happy Days as Leather Tuscadero, Suzi also took fame in the UK and other parts of europe as one of the biggest players of the 70's glam rock movement (which, unfortunately, didn't have as much of an effect on the US as it should have... thanks a lot disco...). She also took a place in my heart from the very first glance when I became enamored with her "pretty-girl-gone-tough" style. It's always leathery, always dark and always as tight as can be. Translation? Fucking PERFECT.
(Suzi as "Leather". Seen here with "The Fonz")

(one of the most famous images of Suzi)

I hunted down some Suzi Quatro worthy pieces that I'll hopefully be able to get my hands on before this fall. I've got my fingers crossed that this trend will stick and T-U-F-F leather and skintight denim will prevail!

faux leather short-short from F21, $23
I can't say I'd be willing to rock these leather short shorts with bare legs but paired with some textured black opaque tights and a loose fitting blouse I think these bad boys would be super cute!

leather-look leggings from Wet Seal, $20
Ok, so let's be honest. Leather pants don't look good on that many people, nor are they the most conducive to one's comfort factor. These faux leather leggings give that same edgy look that Suzi had goin' on without sacrificing practicality.

leather motorcycle jacket by Balmain, $12,050
Right... so in a perfect world we'd all be able to afford this Balmain leather motorcycle jacket. Actuality? We can find one that's pretty much identical (except for the embellishment on the sleeve) at for 1/100th of the price.

gold snake chain 3 row necklace from Torrid, $14
You'll need like... four of these to get the authentic Suzi look. Good thing they're so cheap!

purple caged platform pumps from, $66
The glam rockers of the 70's were known for their extravagant platforms (see below). This more subdued version lends an updated feel to a somewhat dated (but still awesome) style.
(yeah, they are awesome but very intense...)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

style icon: lemmy kilmister

Often times when I'm looking for inspiration in fashion, my go to guys end up being rock'n'roll icons. Lemmy (of Motorhead fame) has always been someone I've drawn inspiration from based on the simple fact that he always keeps it classic and simple. The look is all black, always skinny and always super tough.

Of course, I am not a lanky rocker dude so I can't really pull off the things Lemmy sports but I HAVE thrown together a look that invokes the Lemmster!

tie neck long sleeve blouse by Philosophy di Alberta, $425:
Lemmy is known for his western wear, particularly in black and in long sleeved! I love this take on the western blouse- the added string bow tie gives it a little something special and feminine.

cowboy harness boot, $40:
In EVERY picture ever taken of Lemmy he is wearing a classic motorcycle harness boot. The wood stacked heel on this pair give it a little more of a "girly" feel as well as an added vintage vibe. A heel in any height is a girl's best friend because, after all, no one is gonna say no to a longer looking leg!

tight stretch black jean by cheap monday, $60:
When it comes to rock'n'roll fashion the tighter and blacker your jeans are, the better. Cheap Monday has become known for it's stovepipe skinnies which can pretty much be found everywhere these days (and on the cheap no less!).

223 caliber brass shell bullet belt, $65:
If you want to get that really tough look you pretty much have to add a brass bullet belt. After all, Lemmy is seen wearing one is pretty much every picture he's ever been in (which is funny because I have actually lost a bullet belt to security while seeing Motorhead play live!). If you can handle the fact that it's a little awkward getting used to going pee and you might have some bruised upper thighs, the look really can't be any cooler than with this brass M16 belt.

...and if you're looking to get REALLY authentic in your look you can go ahead and slap on a couple of fake moles ala Lemmy!
holy moly! fake moles, $1.95

Thursday, August 13, 2009

to bleach or not to bleach...

After seeing Kate Bosworth and other celebs sporting these J Brand thrasher jeans, I can't help but feel a little taken back by what's happening in the denim world.

Here's the skinny (no pun intended) on my history with jeans.

It's freshman year in high school.... I can't find a single pair of jeans that are tight enough for me because Dogpile hasn't started making their girl's skinnies yet and Lip Service still hasn't figured out how to flatter a woman's body properly. As someone who won't settle for anything short of EXACTLY what I have pictured in my mind, I decide to alter all of my own pants (some by HAND!) to get that "painted on" look. This ritual continues until the rise of the skinny jean happens sometime around 2003.

So fine, I have totally accepted the fact that skinny jeans are just cuter than gross bootcut ones and yeah, I'm glad people caught on... but BLEACHIES?!?!? Seriously? Come on! I remember standing in my dad's basement, hovering over a pair of Levi's I had altered (no, they weren't stretch... holy uncomfortable!), splashing little cap fulls of Clorox on my jeans to get that bleached out look. In punk rock subculture, being "good" at making a pair of bleachies would get you street cred. I actually have fond memories of complimenting the skinhead boys on theirs because, for some unknown reason, boys were always much better at making them than girls were.

So now, here we are. It's 2009 and the "bleached out jean" is fucking EVERYWHERE. It's fucking everywhere and I can't decide if i love it or hate it. Some part of it makes me a little bit happy that I could take out my old bleached out skirts if I wanted to regurgitate my old style but my better judgement tells me maybe I should splurge for the new take on this old punk rock staple and get the J BRANDS I've been secretly eyeing.

(more barbaric pairs of DIY "bleachers" or "bleachies", as seen on skinheads and punk rockers)
To be continued....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'll fight hell to hold you by my side...

It's official. I'm done for. There is no way I can go on living without these..

(Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony F/W '09 buckle boots. $625)

Lord almighty, where do I even begin with these puppies? I have had some pretty sick obsessions with shoes in my past but none that have ever been as strong as the one I have with the pair of genius Chloe Sevigny has created for the 2nd installment she is doing for Opening Ceremony. The western buckles add just enough of a vintage feel to keep these boots from looking too butch. Worn here with a simple white button down and a leather mini, I believe Chloe has invented the epitome of the perfect "pretty rocker girl" look. It's tough, it's soft, it's my dream come true.
I commend you Chloe, Ace and the boys would be proud.

denial is not a river in Egypt...

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

Hello, I'm Courtney and I'm addicted to clothes.

My problem started at an early age and I suppose I have my mother to blame/thank for that. My first memories of spending time with her were at Nordstrom (my mother claims I was christened there....), fawning over scarves and jewelry that were probably something most 5 year olds wouldn't be looking twice at. While the other little girls were playing house I was always trying to find new and innovative ways to make my Barbies look more sophisticated or tearing up my dad's old clothes to make something more "chic" than those pesky kitten-printed sweat material skirt outfits my parents were putting me in.

The high school years were spent as a punk rocker, DIYing my own clothes and adding as many studs and zippers to my attire as humanly possible. Save for the unfortunate hairstyles, I'd say those were probably the most favorite years of mine as far as my style went... the "anything goes" ideals set forth in punk rock dressing are some I'll always live by.

With that said, we make a segue into today's fashion world. The things happening in mainstream fashion have me tickled pink! From pants optional (see below) to bondage wear to mismatched patterns, the fashionably acceptable has reached such great heights in the past 5 years. I commend you, world, for finally letting your inner 5 year old shine through. So here's to saying "fuck the rules" and letting fashion take it's course. I cannot wait to see what comes next! I hope to let this blog be a document of the normal to abnormal, the loves and hates and the misses and hits.

sienna miller, sans pants.

mary-kate "no pants" olsen, my favorite pants-free celeb.