Tuesday, August 25, 2009

right here, right now.

Precious Metal is one of those bands I accidentally stumbled upon in high school. Often times when I'm digging through the dollar record bins I'll come across something that looks interesting and buy it if the price is right. It's usually pretty risky doing this because 85% of the time the records are horrible but the 15% of the time that they're gems make all the gambling totally worth it.

Obviously, the first thing I was drawn to about the album "Right here, right now" was the girl's over-the-top colorful (but still tough) outfits. Every time I put on this record I spend almost as much time looking at their clothes as I do listening to the 3 or 4 good tracks on it.

I never really cared to learn a whole lot more about Precious Metal because, honestly, I doubt the band ever went too far. I do know that I love their outfits on the cover of their freshman album though and I totally grab inspiration from it whenever I want that "good girl gone bad" feel.

There's really no such thing as over-accessorizing in rock'n'roll fashion.
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And if you're wondering what their music sounds like... think Go Go's meets Poison.

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