Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'll fight hell to hold you by my side...

It's official. I'm done for. There is no way I can go on living without these..

(Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony F/W '09 buckle boots. $625)

Lord almighty, where do I even begin with these puppies? I have had some pretty sick obsessions with shoes in my past but none that have ever been as strong as the one I have with the pair of genius Chloe Sevigny has created for the 2nd installment she is doing for Opening Ceremony. The western buckles add just enough of a vintage feel to keep these boots from looking too butch. Worn here with a simple white button down and a leather mini, I believe Chloe has invented the epitome of the perfect "pretty rocker girl" look. It's tough, it's soft, it's my dream come true.
I commend you Chloe, Ace and the boys would be proud.


  1. YES. Those things are so fucking sick. I posted them on the WR2BAM Facebook a couple of weeks ago. Chloe can pretty much do no wrong. Why are they so expensive??

  2. So I was there in your city this pass weekend and we were going Haight and forgot to lower the stereo in the car and then the intro to "Love Gun" came on full blast and we got spooked!

  3. yeah 625 dollars is fucking insanity! all of the other shoes she did for OC were like half of that. like yeah i understand they're a little taller thus using more materials but come ON. they should cheaper so i can buy them and not have to sacrifice eating for a month. uggggh.