Monday, August 17, 2009

suzi... and other 4 letter words

Skin-tight leather, ridiculous amounts of gold chains, high waisted jeans, multiple statement rings.

This sounds like what's in for F/W '09, right? Well yes, but it's also been a uniform for Suzi Quatro since the early 70's. Known mostly for her part on Happy Days as Leather Tuscadero, Suzi also took fame in the UK and other parts of europe as one of the biggest players of the 70's glam rock movement (which, unfortunately, didn't have as much of an effect on the US as it should have... thanks a lot disco...). She also took a place in my heart from the very first glance when I became enamored with her "pretty-girl-gone-tough" style. It's always leathery, always dark and always as tight as can be. Translation? Fucking PERFECT.
(Suzi as "Leather". Seen here with "The Fonz")

(one of the most famous images of Suzi)

I hunted down some Suzi Quatro worthy pieces that I'll hopefully be able to get my hands on before this fall. I've got my fingers crossed that this trend will stick and T-U-F-F leather and skintight denim will prevail!

faux leather short-short from F21, $23
I can't say I'd be willing to rock these leather short shorts with bare legs but paired with some textured black opaque tights and a loose fitting blouse I think these bad boys would be super cute!

leather-look leggings from Wet Seal, $20
Ok, so let's be honest. Leather pants don't look good on that many people, nor are they the most conducive to one's comfort factor. These faux leather leggings give that same edgy look that Suzi had goin' on without sacrificing practicality.

leather motorcycle jacket by Balmain, $12,050
Right... so in a perfect world we'd all be able to afford this Balmain leather motorcycle jacket. Actuality? We can find one that's pretty much identical (except for the embellishment on the sleeve) at for 1/100th of the price.

gold snake chain 3 row necklace from Torrid, $14
You'll need like... four of these to get the authentic Suzi look. Good thing they're so cheap!

purple caged platform pumps from, $66
The glam rockers of the 70's were known for their extravagant platforms (see below). This more subdued version lends an updated feel to a somewhat dated (but still awesome) style.
(yeah, they are awesome but very intense...)


  1. I have the f21 faux leather short and you're right, I think I will be pairing them with a sheer tight and a loose-fitting blouse.

  2. i'd love to see a picture when you do! i tried them on at the store but i think it's a bad idea to try on skintight leather shorts after eating a full meal. i may need to go back and try them again.