Sunday, August 16, 2009

style icon: lemmy kilmister

Often times when I'm looking for inspiration in fashion, my go to guys end up being rock'n'roll icons. Lemmy (of Motorhead fame) has always been someone I've drawn inspiration from based on the simple fact that he always keeps it classic and simple. The look is all black, always skinny and always super tough.

Of course, I am not a lanky rocker dude so I can't really pull off the things Lemmy sports but I HAVE thrown together a look that invokes the Lemmster!

tie neck long sleeve blouse by Philosophy di Alberta, $425:
Lemmy is known for his western wear, particularly in black and in long sleeved! I love this take on the western blouse- the added string bow tie gives it a little something special and feminine.

cowboy harness boot, $40:
In EVERY picture ever taken of Lemmy he is wearing a classic motorcycle harness boot. The wood stacked heel on this pair give it a little more of a "girly" feel as well as an added vintage vibe. A heel in any height is a girl's best friend because, after all, no one is gonna say no to a longer looking leg!

tight stretch black jean by cheap monday, $60:
When it comes to rock'n'roll fashion the tighter and blacker your jeans are, the better. Cheap Monday has become known for it's stovepipe skinnies which can pretty much be found everywhere these days (and on the cheap no less!).

223 caliber brass shell bullet belt, $65:
If you want to get that really tough look you pretty much have to add a brass bullet belt. After all, Lemmy is seen wearing one is pretty much every picture he's ever been in (which is funny because I have actually lost a bullet belt to security while seeing Motorhead play live!). If you can handle the fact that it's a little awkward getting used to going pee and you might have some bruised upper thighs, the look really can't be any cooler than with this brass M16 belt.

...and if you're looking to get REALLY authentic in your look you can go ahead and slap on a couple of fake moles ala Lemmy!
holy moly! fake moles, $1.95

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