Tuesday, August 18, 2009

(pattern) mix it up!

Alright, so I know pattern mixing can go really wrong really quickly but when done the right way it can be a really good way to spruce up old favorites. Since the summer 2009 floral frenzy has pretty much taken the world by storm, come fall we're gonna either be throwing the stuff out in heaps or looking for new ways to wear it. Why not try mixing it up by doing pattern-on-pattern looks. Mismatching can be done without looking like Screech from Saved by the Bell so long as you don't go too busy or too overboard.
(Dustin Diamond as "Screech" on Saved by the Bell)

While I think bands like the Bay City Rollers and Slade had an interesting style I would be hesitant to wear my patterns as boldly as they did. After all, no girl wants to look like a clown vomited confetti all over her.
(The Bay City Rollers)

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